Christmas Day – Holy Day, Holiday, Justanother day

You will probably only see this in February, as this is a nightmare time of year when time zips by at lightening speed.

Everything happens at year end; Summer Holidays, Exams at school and universities, shutdowns, increases, bonuses and cannily every year some suit decides to announce lay offs and closures as well. Travel is a nightmare yet we still do it.

Last year, we had a stay-cation, and took time to visit Cape Town. Something we had not done for about 14 years.
While we missed our traditional “Christmas in the Bush”, just having time to actually do very little was a unique luxury we had not afforded ourselves for some time.

Time is priceless and perhaps we need to spend a bit more of it doing less, and less of it doing more. Fear of missing out and the race to catch up with the Dlamini’s (Previously the Jones’s) should be replaced by a little bit of time in contemplation.

The winter Solstice will always have special meaning for the Northern Hemisphere, as it heralded the return of the Sun, Spring and the Summer. Harvest and hope. That’s all they do in the North though, celebrate the few days of the Christmas season. In the South, we are trapped in an orgy of action, cultural customs like eating winter banquets in summer heat, fretting about visitors and relations who pop out of nowhere to pop in just when you could do with a space in the day.

I am taking time for reflection again this year. I am going to allow the busy mind to slow down to a stop, and be prompted by the tides and the setting sun. I will reflect on how blessed we have been in this tough and tantrum year where aggression seems to be spreading like mold on a damp loaf of bread.

I will thank the creator for his kindness, and along with that, all of our colleagues who provide our products, all my colleagues who have worked their guts out to keep our standards up, ex colleagues who helped build our business and especially every single customer who has made our lives possible.

From Natalie and me, a very happy Christmas, to you, a safe, sane and blessed Holy Day, or Holiday, or even just another day.

Richard Majewski

MD Narich (Pty) Ltd

NOTE: Narich is CLOSED from 21st December until 7th January 2019

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