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We Do Colour and We Do It All

We have the experience to find the right colour control and measurement solution to suit your business, application and budget.

Colour is the only immediate indication of a product’s quality and reliability and it is important that it is objectively controlled and managed.

Accurate colour measurement can be used as more than simply an indication of the appearance of a product, but also to provide key insights into your processes to make adjustments during production.

Colour measurement instruments and software can be used to perform the following tasks:

  1. Colour quality control of raw materials including powders, liquids, solids and granules.
  2. Monitoring colour consistency during production including in the laboratory, at-line and in-line monitoring
  3. Colour specification and creation in R&D
  4. Colour formulation for paint, coatings and plastics
  5. Detecting changes in chemical make-up using spectral data
  6. Reporting and standardising colour data (L*a*b*) across the supply chain as a supply chain quality assurance measure

Our customers experience the following benefits to their operations by implementing a colour measurement system:

  1. Reduction in costs of production
  2. Preventing waste and product rejection
  3. Increased throughput through effective production optimisation
  4. Valuable data about key processes
  5. Increased product quality leading to better brand reputation

If you would like to know to achieve the same benefits at your operations, speak to our team and take the first step in improving your processes through colour and appearance control.


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