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Colour and Appearance

  •  - Bench-top Spectrophotometers
  •  - Bench-top Chroma Meters
  •  - Portable Spectrophotometers
  •  - Portable Chroma Meters
  •  - Colour Readers

Light and Display

  •  - Spectroradiometers
  •  - Illuminance Spectrophotometers
  •  - Luminance & Illuminance Meters
  •  - Colour and Luminance Meters
  •  - Colour and Illuminance Meters

Gloss and Appearance

  •  - Gloss Meters
  •  - Multi-angle Gloss Meters
  •  - Goniophotometers
  •  - Total Appearance Measurement Systems 
  •  - Flexible measuring Goniophotometers

What are the typical BENEFITS that you can experience using our solutions...

Consistent Colour Control

Optimise Production Processes

Improved Quality Control

Reduce Wastage and Errors

Better Production Insights

Better Supplier Quality

Increased Product Output

Reduced Production Time

Better Brand Perception

Cost- Saving Benefits

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If you find the subject of colour and perception fascinating, we have just the resource for you.
Take a look at this fantastic guide 'Precise Colour Communication' from Konica Minolta to understand how colours are perceived, why they are perceived the way they are and what you can do to get your colours right. 

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