Colour and Light Measurement Solutions for your Industry

We provide Colour and Light Measurement solutions and products through our exclusive distributorship with global leaders in this field.

Backed by decades of experience and up-to-date knowledge in colour and light measurement, we are able to help you find the right solution for your application. Our technical application knowledge and expertise will assist with product selection and implementation, as well as providing world-class annual instrument certification.

When it comes to outstanding service, you can expect the best from Narich. Our highly skilled team of consultants and technicians is able to advise on the best instrument to suit your needs. We have extensive experience across a broad range of industries and are able to assist you to choose the most suitable solution for your business.

Representing some of the worlds leading colour and light measurement solution companies, we provide a comprehensive range of advanced optical technologies that cover the following measurement techniques and applications:

  • Bench-top and portable colour measurement solutions
  • Light metrology
  • Automated light and display monitoring
  • Gloss and surface appearance measurement
  • Colour formulation and colour matching
  • Paint dispensing and tinting
  • Colour control for graphics and printing

Browse our solutions on the following links or get in touch with our team who will find a solution that will fit your application.