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Once you purchase a solution from us, we ensure that it is calibrated and certificated to ensure optimal performance. We do this by offering instrument certification, service or repairs from our Service Centres located in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

We are the only company within Southern Africa authorised by Konica Minolta Sensing to perform instrument certifications inline with their global standards and procedures.

Our highly skilled, fully qualified technicians work according to international standards and will help you keep your colour and light measurement instruments running optimally. The entire process is managed by us directly, ensuring the most efficient service experience.

Service Centre Capabilities

Warranty Claims

Konica Minolta instruments carry a 12 month Warranty. Warranty claims can only be verified by Konica Minolta Sensing.

Should you expect that there is an issue with your instrument while under Warranty, send your instrument to our service centre so that we can inspect the instrument and send it to Konica Minolta for any Warranty claims for verification.


In cases where customers are unsure whether their Konica Minolta instruments are performing accurately, we offer an inspection service to inspect the instrument and diagnose any problems that could be affecting performance.

When in doubt, send the instrument to our service centre so that our technicians can inspect the instrument and advise on how to resolve any problems that are detected.

Instrument Repair

Our service centre has the capabilities to repair your instrument back to working condition in a case where damage has occured.

Should you suspect that your instrument has been damaged, do not attempt any form of DIY maintenance. The best thing one can do for the instrument is to contact our service centre and let our technicians attend to the problem.


Konica Minolta Sensing instruments are renowned world-wide for manufacturing optical instruments with the highest levels of accuracy and performance.

To maintain this, it is highly recommended that instruments are certificated annually. By doing this, you can be sure that your instrument is in optimal working order ensuring reliability.

Our certifications are performed at your nearest service centre and in some cases on-site certification can be done.

Service-Level Agreements (SLA)

Annual certification ensures that the instrument is returned to base and any drift in the instruments performance is rectified.

This is done inline with global Konica Minolta standards and guidelines which ensures optimal performance of the instrument.
As it is recommended to Certificate instruments annually, it is worth investing in a Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

We offer 4 Service-Level Agreements that allow you to budget for your annual Certification.


  • Certification is charged at the Standard price at the time of certification
  • Calibration Certification of Instrument
  • NIST traceable Certificate


  • All benefits of the STANDARD SLA
  • Discounted price of Certification
  • Purchase made within 90 days after the instrument is implemented
  • Free lamp changes when required
  • Priority Certification


  • All benefits of the PREMIUM SLA
  • Loan instrument during Certification
  • Loan = No downtime
  • Purchase made within 90 days after the instrument is implemented


  • Bench-top instruments only
  • Standard Certification price is charged
  • Additional costs added for technician to travel on-site
  • Tolerance of certification cannot be guaranteed

Technical Services Outline Document

We offer full technical services offerings in line with global Konica Minolta standards. Various Service-Level Agreements are available ensuring that you get the best possible service for your instrument.

As we are the only company authorised to perform instrument certifications on Konica Minolta Sensing instruments within the Southern African region and Nigeria, we need to ensure that we comply with the guidelines that Konica Minolta Sensing stipulates globally.

For more information and comprehensive details about our technical service and Service-Level Agreements (SLA). read this document.