Konica Minolta CM-25cG Spectrophotometer


Highly accurate, easy to use and compact device that simultaneously measures both colour and gloss with just one reading!

Designed to streamline the measurement of interior automotive trims and components, the all new Konica Minolta CM-25cG allows you to measure the smallest surface in the tightest space while providing our most accurate readings that are easy to share.

Why do you need the Konica Minolta CM-25cG Spectrophotometer?

  • Enables you to correlate texture, gloss and colour to visual perception.
  • Hand-held, compact and lightweight. Operate with one hand.
  • Fits into all hard-to-reach spaces and still delivers an accurate measurement.
  • 3mm & 8mm apertures enable the measurement of the smallest surface.
  • 45°c/0 Geometry allows stable, repeatable results on textured and uneven surfaces.
  • Unparalleled Inter-Instrument and Inter-model Agreement for seamless colour communication throughout the Supply Chain
  • No need for physical samples to be transported between suppliers

For more information and a quick user demo, take a look at our video below…