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While your trusty CR-4×0 Series Chroma-Meter may still be going strong, you could be working quicker, easier and more accurately with Konica Minolta’s latest upgrades.


USB connectivity – no more bulky RS232 cables
Higher speed data transfer
More measurement options
Increased accuracy
Better repeatability
Tighter Inter-instrument Agreement (IIA)
Ingredient Adulteration Identification possibility
Easier to use

Your upgrade options

Designed to measure the colour of solids, pastes, granules and liquid samples either in Reflectance or Transmittance – the CM-5 Spectrophotometer and CR-5 Colorimeter are the most versatile, PC independent bench-top devices yet.

Besides for better accuracy and repeatability, find out what more you can expect when you upgrade to a CM-5 Spectrophotometer or CR-5 Colorimeter.


The CM-5 Spectrophotometer

An ideal tool for measuring a wide range of forms such as pellets, solids, gelatins, powders, pastes as well as opaque, transparent and translucent liquids.



The CR-5 Colorimeter

A perfect all-rounder laboratory instrument for applications such as flavour and fragrances, foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and plastics.


The Konica Minolta CM-5 Spectrophotometer and CR-5 Colorimeter are designed to handle almost any situation in a food laboratory regarding colour measurement.

All orders placed before 30 September 2018 will receive R3000 in FREE accessories!

But don’t take our word for it…


Why not book your no-obligation demo of the Konica Minolta CM-5 or CR-5 at your premises (South Africa only), at absolutely zero cost to you whatsoever, and see first-hand how you can boost productivity in your laboratory? 

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