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Bench-Top vs Hand-Held Colour Measurement?

Bench top versus Hand Held colour measurement is one of the most common questions we get.     There seems to be an automatic conclusion that Bench Tops are more accurate, more robust and less likely to suffer damage compared to Hand Held or portable Instruments. Taking an Instrument TO the object, rather than taking […]

Controlling colour in Plastics

What’s all the fuss about colour control in plastics? Of all the processed plastic materials we encounter on a daily basis, nearly all are coloured in one way or another, for some reason or another. By volume, large amounts of plastic piping is buried, where colour plays no obvious part, but together with its hidden […]

New from Instrument Systems – NEW: CAS 140CT-HR Spectroradiometers for narrow band light sources

Instrument Systems are pleased to present their new CAS 140CT-HR series of spectroradiometers  for narrow band light sources. As innovative leader in high-precision light measurement equipment we are particularly proud of our globally acclaimed CAS 140CT Spectroradiometers which has already established itself as a reference system. Based on this system, the high-resolution models of our CAS 140CT-HR series are now […]

Who can certificate a Konica Minolta Instrument?

Q: Who can Certificate or Service my Konica Minolta Instrument? A: Only authorised Konica Minolta Service Stations can provide maintenance service of Konica Minolta instruments. Q: Does Konica Minolta calibrate or repair instruments of other brands? A: No, Konica Minolta service facilities exclusively provide maintenance service and calibrations for Konica Minolta instruments. Q: Is Narich […]

Exposing “Hidden Costs” of purchasing a Spectrophotometer

Our current market situation predicates that we are very cost conscious, both in running our business, as well as in what we offer our customers. Managers, supervisors and purchasing departments demand, decree, and request best prices and discounts as a matter of course. As this global “Weak Economy” situation has been in place since 2008, […]

What’s new in the LED cutting edge space? Will you be at these events?

Instrument Systems lead the cutting edge in LED fully supporting their “We bring quality to light” statement with the latest innovations and conformance to the latest standards ion Light & Display. This is further underlined in their planned exhibitions for the rest of the year: Exhibitions and conferences – Leading-edge knowledge is our asset What […]

Do you really want training? – Ocean View software from Ocean Optics

You may use Ocean Optics flagship desktop spectroscopy application, OceanView, to manually configure acquisition parameters and graph the results, or use its built-in “Application Wizards” to walk you through standard spectroscopic techniques such as absorbance measurements or locating Raman peaks. OceanView also allows you to design your own custom measurement procedures using a “visual schematic” […]

Colour Grading of Grain Flour – Wheat

A number of professions claim old age in their pedigree, but few have a better claim than Wheat Millers. Since farming crops became one of the first global addictions, bread flours have been milled to create flavour, texture, quality and ascetic appearance. While today a minute portion of the crop is milled by Artisan Bakers, […]