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South African National Accreditation System

According to the SANAS website, their responsibility is: SANAS is responsible for carrying out accreditations in respect of conformity assessments mandated through the Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act (Act 19 of 2006). We are directed and legally represented by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed by the Minister […]

Cheap or Quality Service? The Choice Is Yours.

Why would you want a cheap Instrument Service? Thirty years ago or more, when colour measurement and colour quality control was in its infancy goods ranging from caps to cars were checked for colour as a final stage inspection. This may work in a single factory where every component is sourced locally, as were car […]

Automotive Industry Solutions

Konica Minolta Automotive Applications – Colour & Light Management Solutions for Quality Control in the Automotive Industry: 2019 Konica Minolta have complete solutions for the Automotive Industry. These products will allow you to measure the entire vehicle, from the overall appearance to the smallest button or trim. Konica Minolta have kept up to date with […]

ECS – MARCH 2019

EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2019 – FULL RECAP The international trade show for the coatings industry has been an amazing one this year, not only was it a great to have our very own Andrew Pienaar (Sales and Marketing Administrator from Narich Pty Ltd) attending the ECS (European Coatings Show) event alongside the Konica Minolta Sensing […]

Colour Grading of Flour at Southern African Mills – It all started with Pioneer Foods and Narich (Pty) Ltd

COLOUR GRADING CAKE AND BREAD FLOUR  Harvesting food grains for human consumptions goes back to the dawn of history and was already well established from before biblical times. Egypt was a major grain source for the Roman Empire, and Marco Polo learned about Pasta from the Chinese who are reported to have consumed noodles as […]

Rhopoint TAMS

Rhopoint TAMS™: Revolutionary Technology to measure Surface Quality  Konica Minolta Sensing – known for excellent technical performance of their high quality close-tolerance optical instruments. Rhopoint Instruments – leaders in manufacturing instruments for appearance and surface testing Volkswagen AG – Once again, another leader in its industry which is manufacturing automotive that are of a high standard, most notably […]