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Glassware Maintenance

Tips to long lasting Glassware The BEST way to preserve glass is through cautious handling. We know that these glass cells are expensive, therefore we have put together some TIPS for users to help maintain them. By following these simple rules, you will ensure a longer life span for these accessories.   Keep them clean […]

Service Expectations

What to Expect from Technical Service?   As a consumer you may have a list of expectations when it comes to receiving service from us. You may expect: Timely responses Personalized experiences Solutions to your problems Being constantly informed about updates regarding your instrument We promise never to sell a product if we cannot take full […]

Advanced Colour Grading

Advanced Colour Grading for Bread Flour and White Maize It is a long time (1959) since the introduction of the Kent-Jones Flour Color Grader and while the equipment is no longer available, and the units in service hardly reliable, the system still persists today. Based on fundamental CIE norms of the day, the KJ system […]

Measuring Colour: For Beginners

Colour is a perception and not a property of an object. If you are measuring colour, it is important that you understand the concept of Colour.   What we see is a reflection of light that is emitted off an object. Thus colour as we know it, is merely our perception of light under certain conditions. The importance of […]

Automotive Solutions

8 Core Instruments for the Automotive Industry Konica Minolta has developed a new range of products for the Automotive Industry to ensure that objective colour management of products from hundreds of suppliers through the value chain is achieved. From exterior metals and paints to interior plastics and leathers, we know that there is a wide range of materials that […]

Solving SpectraMagic NX 2.70 Start-Up Issue In Windows 10

There have been cases reported where the SpectraMagic NX 2.70.0006 has stopped operating on Windows 10 operating systems .   Reason for NX 2.70 Start-Up Issue Some settings prevent SpectraMagic NX 2.70.0006 from running, because the current certificate (visible under “Information about Certificate”) is only valid from 07-03-2016 to 10-05-2017. Depending on the security settings, […]

OceanView 1.6.3 Upgrade

Customers who had purchased the OceanView software and have active licenses can download the latest version free of charge. This update introduces support for the next generation Ocean Optics spectrometers called Ocean FX. New features for this product line include network communications and burst mode spectrum gathering with microsecond timing. The 1.6.3 release includes updates […]

Trouble Connecting to OceanView

If you are experiencing any issues connection to your OceanView Spectroscopy Software follow the steps below. Complete the following checks: Which Windows version are you using? Has your operating system completed its updates? Are you connected to the Internet? CLOSE OCEANVIEW AND UNPLUG USB INSTRUMENT AND CABLE. If yes, open Device Manager Is the device registered […]

Cape Talk Interview with Pavlo Phitidis

  Richard Majewski, founder of Narich (Pty) Ltd, recently had a follow-up interview with Pavlo Phitidis of Cape Talk. Listen to the podcast here. You can also listen to the initial Cape Talk Business Accelerator interview on the link provided here.