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Worried about the colour of the bun in your oven?

Control baking processes and colour using a BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter Baking Consistency is highly desired by Industrial Bakers, as well as my old Gran. Taste, texture and time were all critical to her, but nothing ruined her apple tart or shortbread bake quite like a dark sign of scorching, or worse, a pasty undercooked […]

How to download, upgrade and install SpectraMagic NX quality control software?

Follow these steps to upgrade or install SpectraMagic NX software. SpectraMagic NX Pro or Lite from Konica Minolta Sensing is a quality control software that is compatible with Konica Minolta colour measurement devices. This software is template-based and allows users to manage, interpret and report colour measurement data in a graphical view. Measurement results are […]

OceanView License activation issues and how to resolve them

OceanView is a powerful desktop spectroscopy software application and customers have been experiencing some minor issues when trying to activate the latest license. OceanView 2.0 is a powerful new version of Ocean Insight’s signature desktop spectroscopy application. The software has a smoother graphical interface and provides faster, more stable data acquisition and processing. This spectroscopy […]

Measuring human emotion

High quality surfaces, from mobile phones to high end automotives, pleasure boats and other luxury fittings and features have been evaluated for quality for decades. Now you can get a single output from multiple inputs which not only complies with ISO Standards, but coincides with the Human Perception of “Harmony”. That is, how pleasing is […]

Mediation – Settle colour difference disputes

Settle colour disputes with customers and suppliers with mediation Colour is not a property of an object. It is the property of the observation. Instrument Observation is subject to known and understood settings or conditions. Our instruments for colour measurement have become ubiquitous especially in the food manufacturing space, from “farm to fork” as the […]