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Utility software for Chroma Meters – All good things must come to an end

CR-S4w Utility Software for CR-400/410 Chroma Meters may not work with newer Windows versions. Konica Minolta has a number of quality control software options that allow customers to better manage and interpret their data. The software is purchased for a single once-off fee and further upgrades to the software are typically offered for free. There […]

Measuring human emotion

High quality surfaces, from mobile phones to high end automotives, pleasure boats and other luxury fittings and features have been evaluated for quality for decades. Now you can get a single output from multiple inputs which not only complies with ISO Standards, but coincides with the Human Perception of “Harmony”. That is, how pleasing is […]

Mediation – Settle colour difference disputes

Settle colour disputes with customers and suppliers with mediation Colour is not a property of an object. It is the property of the observation. Instrument Observation is subject to known and understood settings or conditions. Our instruments for colour measurement have become ubiquitous especially in the food manufacturing space, from “farm to fork” as the […]

Measuring the colour of Peanut Butter

Why would you measure the colour of Peanut Butter? Peanut Butter is a simple product right? Take peanuts, smash them in a mortar and pestle and there you have it, peanut butter. The domestic version however has been industrialised, and with that there are added complexities. Firstly, the large volumes created in food processing plants […]

USB-RS232 Adapter Troubleshooting

How to overcome USB-RS232 adapter issues when connecting to a PC It is a few years since we sold instruments (CM-3600d and CR-400/410 series) which required connectivity to a PC for service or connectivity with SpectraMagic NX software. Both instrument models have been upgraded to a direct USB connection either in the Firmware and internal […]

Shining a Light on: Light Sources and Illuminants

Light Sources and Illuminants The terms “light source” and “illuminant” cause some confusion when working with colour measurement technology in any industry. Even when customers seem to understand both terms, there can be some uncertainty when it comes to choosing the correct indices for colour evaluation. Specific colour indices are based on algorithms that calculate […]

Do you want your staff to be Qualified or Competent?

Do you want Qualified or Competent staff? And what is the difference? We operate in a technical space supplying mainly Quality Assessment solutions for a variety of sectors, from academic R&D, through Food Processing, Automotive Manufacturing, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Coatings, and many more. We use Sensing tools as the basis for all our solutions. There […]

Why an in-line solution costs more than a bench-top?

Are you considering an in-line sensing solution? Here are some reasons why they cost more than bench-top devices. Many of our customers have 15-20 years experience of the benefit of measuring colour in Automotive manufacturing, Coatings, Food Processing, Plastics, Building Materials and many more applications. At first, customers were hesitant to adopt this new non-invasive, […]