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How to manage the colour of clothing and textiles

There are many stages in the manufacture of Textiles and Clothing. Multiple production stages are always met with challenges in ensuring that the products are produced to the same standard every single time. Colour and appearance of clothing and all textiles is important to control and manage. Generally speaking there are different tasks for different […]

Colour measurement for Research and Development

Research and Development is crucial to a companies long-term survival and strategic goals. Do you think that Apple would be the most-valuable company in the world if they never developed the iPhone? Companies may keep their new product development a closely guarded secret. If you don’t want to tell us what you are going to […]

Discontinued Technical Service

Discontinued technical support for older Konica Minolta instrument models. Konica Minolta Sensing enjoy an unparalleled reputation for the reliability and longevity of their instruments. However, continual development in component technology means that eventually it is not possible to continue to support and maintain older instruments. Customers are advised in advance that a certain model will […]