Accurately Manage the Colour of Plastic Packaging


Plastic products and packaging provide companies and consumers a convienent way to store porducts and display these products on shelves. Plastics used in packaging usually help in storing goods to keep them fresh and away from exposure to the environment as well as providing important information about the good.

Plastic packaging can be made in a number of ways through injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding. Each of these processes changes the way a plastic looks and appears. As a PET bottle producers blows the mould to the desired shape, the colour fades or changes. It is important to be able to control to ensure consistency and quality control.

It is important to manage the colour of plastic packaging so that goods displayed on shelves appear appealing and interesting. If Coca-Cola started to bottle their drinks into a slightly green bottle, consumers would feel that there has been some change to the liquid inside. This may influence their decision to purchase another brand or question their quality control processes. Our local Coca-Cola PET bottle suppliers rely on our device to ensure their bottles meet the Coca-Cola standards, so the example above would never be the case.

Objective colour measurement can assist the Plastic Packaging producers in the following ways:

  • Measure the colour of raw materials like colourants and masterbatch pellets
  • Identify adulteration or contamination of pigments and colourants
  • Create and formulate new colours that the market has not yet seen
  • Ensure customers recieve the colour they requested
  • Control the colour of final products
  • Save time and money during the formulation of new masterbatch pellet colours
  • Minimize debates and complaints around colour

The following instruments have been designed for Masterbatch producers:

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and although we try it is impossible to know them all. If you would like to assist us in explaining your application or potentially altering one that we have currently, please Contact us.