Measure the Colour of Masterbatch Pellets During Production


Masterbatch pellets are small solid additive for the plastics industry which can be used to colour plastics and impart other properties in plastics. Masterbatch pellets are a concentrated mixture of pigments that get encapsulated during a heating process into a carrier resin. Masterbatch pellets allow plastic producers to create colours that are unique to a product.

Colour is important during the masterbatch production process as it is important to create pellets that excatly match the required colour. Colour management in the masterbatch industry is used to formulate new colours, decrease debates around colour and minimize customer rejections.

Objective colour measurement can assist the Masterbatch pellet producers in the following ways:

  • Measure the colour of masterbatch pellets during production
  • Identify adulteration or contamination of pigments and colourants
  • Create and formulate new colours that the market has not yet seen
  • Minimize debates and complaints around colour
  • Save time and money during the formulation of new masterbatch pellet colours

The following instruments have been designed for Masterbatch Pellet producers:

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and although we try it is impossible to know them all. If you would like to assist us in explaining your application or potentially altering one that we have currently, please Contact us.