Measure the Colour and Appearance of Plastics Automotive Finishes


The interior and exterior of motor vehicles are covered in a wide range of plastic polymers, ranging from Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate to Polyurethane. These are high performance plastics with a number of characteristics that benefit car manufacturers. The plastics have to be durable, flexible, light-weight and most importantly, appealing. Whether it’s the plastic buttons, plastics finishes and trim, dashboard, display console or steering wheel, every part needs to be carefully manufactured so that when they are assembled they appear the same.

In most cases, all of these components are manufactured by a wide range of manufacturers which causes challenges when assembling a car that needs to look the same. Car part manufacturers need to comply with strict guidelines with regards to the colour and appearance of the parts they produce. They use colour measurement to ensure that they adhere to manufacturer guidelines.

Colour measurement can be used to measure every part of a vehicles exterior and a majority of our instruments are designed specifically for the automotive industry.

Colour measurement assists car and parts manufacturers with the following:

  • Measure the colour of various plastics parts
  • Measure the appearance of parts from different suppliers
  • Ensure consistency of interior parts from different suppliers
  • Measure surface effects like Gloss and Haze
  • Avoid customer complaints due to colour
  • Comply with strict stipulations set by the automotive industry

The following instruments have been designed for use in the automotive industry for plastics:

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and although we try it is impossible to know them all. If you would like to assist us in explaining your application or potentially altering one that we have currently, please Contact us.