Measure Paint Mixing to Ensure the Expected Outcome


The paint industry constantly needs to find the optimal way to measure, match, mix and sample paint. Mixing and matching paint is important as the components of a paint need to be effectively mixed to create the expected colour. Colour can be measured at this stage to ensure that the mixing was done correctly.

Consumers currently rely on inaccurate paint samples in the form of colour cards and swatches. Believe it or not, but two identical colours of two different cards will actually be different colours. This difference can be visually noticeable leading us to ask what colour will the consumer actually get when they purchase that paint? Paint companies have never given consumers free samples and the smallest paint tin that a customer can purchase is usually 1L which is by no mean affordable.

The challenges faced in the matching, mixing and sampling of paint can be solved with a comprehensive range of product from Alfa Paint Dispensers.

Alfa Colour Paint Dispensers perform the following functions:

  • Dispense a variety of paints and coatings with precision
  • Formulate and dispense paint samples at Point of Sale
  • Mix multiple samples at once
  • Formulate, mix and dispense any colour
  • Provide accurate colour samples in 100cc cups
  • Dispense the exact requested colour at Point of Sale

The following Alfa Colour Paint Dispenser products have been designed to help with mixing, matching and sampling:

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and we are always looking to learn about new applications. If you would like to alter an application for the better or do not see the details of your application listed clearly here then please Contact us.