Control and Measure the Surface Appearance for almost every Application


Decorative paints brighten our everyday lives by covering walls and surfaces in unique and surprising colours. These colours create a mood in the environment and portray a sense of style and taste. Paints are designed with a number of properties in mind like hiding power, gloss, durability and colour. A paint is generally made of pigments, bases, solvents and fillers, each of which contribute to the colour and appearance of a paint.

These paints and coatings need to be produced with gloss and texture in mind to create a surface that looks luxurious. Some paints have a high-gloss appearance while others have a low-gloss/matte effect. These effects can be objectively measured to ensure that a surface appears the way it should be.

The appearance of paints are usually purchased for different purposes. High-gloss paints may be purchased by automotive manufacturers so that their vehicles sparkle in the sunshine. Home decorators may purchase a low-gloss paint to portray a sense of warmth, comfort and luxury.

We can control and measure the surface appearance for almost every application.

Objective surface appearance measurement can be used for the following:

  • Measure the gloss of a surface or coating
  • Determine Orange Peel, DOI and RIQ
  • Measure the colour of a surface
  • Determine the hiding power of coatings
  • Indicate properties like haze, shade and opacity of a surface

The following instruments have been designed to manage surface appearance:

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and we are always looking to learn about new applications. If you would like to alter an application for the better or do not see the details of your application listed clearly here then please Contact us.