Decorative paints brighten our everyday lives by covering walls and surfaces in unique and surprising colours. These colours create a mood in the environment and portray a sense of style and taste. Paints are designed with a number of properties in mind like hiding power, gloss, durability and colour. A paint is generally made of pigments, bases, solvents and fillers, each of which contribute to the colour and appearance of a paint.

Consumers no longer want their walls to be painted in a dull, standard colour as more and more consumers want to purchase something that is unique to them and accurately portrays their personal style. This has created a challenge for paint producers in making paints that are unique, colourful and retain their colour in the long term.

A number of challenges arise in the Paint industry when creating and producing new paints. The paints need to be produced to the same exact colour that they customer has requested. Paint colour swatches and tickets need to accurately resemble the colour that the consumers receive in the paint tin. Consumers needs to be able to purchase the exact quantity of paint in the exact colour they want (This is the latest disruptor in our range of products and will change the way paint is sampled, formulated and purchased by consumers – keep in touch with how we plan on doing this by signing up to our newsletter).

At the end of the day, Colour is the most important attribute of paint and needs to be accurately and objectively controlled to avoid customer complaints and rejections and ensure that a paint company is able to produce paint that is reliable in terms of colour and appearance.

Objective colour measurement can assist the Decorative Paint industry in the following ways:

  • Measure the colour of paint during the production process for consistency and quality control purposes.
  • Identify adulteration or contamination of pigments, colourants, bases and solvents.
  • Create and formulate new colours that the market has not yet seen
  • Ensure the hiding power and durability of paint
  • Ensure consumers get the paint they see in colour swatches and cards
  • Save time and money during the formulation of new pigments

The following instruments have been designed for use in the Decorative Paint industry:


  • Measure the colour of paints and coatings
  • Identify adulteration and contamination
  • Eliminate debates around colour
  • Reduce customer complaints based on colour
  • Numerical UV control

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and we are always looking to learn about new applications. If you would like to alter an application for the better or do not see the details of your application listed clearly here then please Contact us.