Solutions for Paint and Coating applications


The paint and coatings industry comprises of producers of pigments, colourants, varnishes, as well as powdered and liquid paints that serve industrial, automotive and decorative purposes. The process of creating a new paint or coating is complex and onerous. Each paint is designed for use in specific applications.

Pigments are mixed with resins, solvents and additives to create a paint that is colourful and can withstand the effects of, for example, weather or damage. Creating new colours of paint or replicating an old batch of paint is a time consuming task for paint manufacturers in the paint and coatings industry, and one that is usually done by trial and error.

The paint and coatings industry faces numerous challenges when it comes to creating new paints and managing the colour and appearance of paint. When considering the appearance of paint it is important to consider the effects that gloss, opacity and hiding power play on the final product. Challenges occur in mixing new paints and ensuring that you have the right colour that customers expect. Testing the durability of a coating is also an important consideration in making new paints, as paints need to be able to withstand the elements.

We can solve numerous challenges in the paint and coatings industry with the use of reliable and accurate colour measurement instruments.

The challenges we can help solve in the Paint and Coatings industry are:

  • Measure and control the colour of paint from different production runs
  • Formulate and predict new colours
  • Ensure that the colour of pigments and colourants match and are free from contaminants or adulterants
  • Measure the hiding power of paints and coatings on different surfaces
  • Measure weathering effects on a paint or coating
  • Replace colour cards and sheets to accurately show what a colour will look like
  • Measure the effects of gloss and opacity on a surface
  • Ensure quality assurance and control
  • Save time and money with objective colour measurement and analysis

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Paint and Coating Surface Appearance