Measuring human emotion

High quality surfaces, from mobile phones to high end automotives, pleasure boats and other luxury fittings and features have been evaluated for quality for decades.

Now you can get a single output from multiple inputs which not only complies with ISO Standards, but coincides with the Human Perception of “Harmony”.
That is, how pleasing is the surface to the observer.

Instrumental analysis of surfaces appearance, roughness and waviness in the automotive painting process can now be reduced to a single output indicating the level of quality in terms of human perception acceptance.

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Unlike systems that are currently in use, the Rhopoint TAMS™ is able to capture surface data for mid gloss and high gloss surfaces and therefore all surfaces throughout the automotive coating manufacturing process – steel and aluminum, E-Coat as well as filler, base coat and topcoat.

Watch this video on the Rhopoint TAMS™:

If TAMS is not what you are looking for, but you still want a good idea of the surfaces you are working with, we also have the Rhopoint IQ-S, the ultimate glossmeter upgrade.

The Rhopoint IQ-S not only measures gloss but also measures image quality and profiles how light is reflected from a surface. Standard glossmeters only measure how much light is reflected and are not sensitive to effects which dramatically reduce appearance quality.

With the IQ-S users will be able to determine not only gloss units but also important surface appearance quality metrics like an understanding of Orange Peel.

Watch this video on the Rhopoint IQ-S:

Forget the maths, simply feel the surface quality – don’t touch it, sense it.