Spices are a blend of ground plants, roots and herbs. Spices are added to foods to enhance the taste, texture, aroma and Colour.

Consumers are always looking at the consistency and reliability of their purchases, this is especially true for Food Ingredients and Spices. As Spices are mostly blended it can be difficult to consistently control the colour of spice. Changes to a spices’ colour usually occur due to a change in raw material or a change during the blending process. All challenges that occur during spice and ingredient production can be easily managed with effective colour measurement.

Spice companies use colour measurement instruments to measure the colour of incoming raw materials to ensure that they are receiving goods that are the same colour and match the colour of previous deliveries. Colour is also checked during and after the blending process to guarantee that customers and consumers are receiving the same quality of products everytime. Colour measurement can be used to control drying time of natural ingredients and control the time needed for grinding and blending.

Spice companies also use colour measurement to identify ingredient adulteration and contamination to ensure that they are receiving and producing spices that are of a high quality and reliability in flavour and colour.

Colour measurement can assist Spice and Ingredient producers in the following ways:

  • Measure the colour of incoming raw materials and ingredients like Roots, Chillies or Peppers
  • Control the quality of raw materials before production
  • Control blending time to ensure consistency batch-to-batch
  • Reduce customer complaints and rejections due to colour
  • Identify ingredient adulteration and contamination
  • Reduce colour debates between colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Save time and improve blending and production efficiency

These instruments have been designed to manage and control colour in the Spice and Ingredient industry:



  • Measure the colour of Chillies, Peppers and Spices
  • Measure the colour of the final blended spice
  • Control colour in the field or at the source
  • Manage blending, grinding and drying time
  • Measure a Sample spice against a Target colour


  • Quality control software for all Konica Minolta devices
  • Easy analysis and interpretation of data
  • Store large amounts of measurement data
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Easy batch sorting and closest Target selection features

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and although we try it is impossible to know them all. If you would like to assist us in explaining your application or potentially altering one that we have currently, please Contact us.