Control the Colour of Fresh Juices and other Beverages


Juice and beverages come in a wide range of colours, textures, tastes, temperatures and flavours. Each day we consume litres of liquids to satisfy our thirst. Whether it’s the worlds most valuable resource, water, to the iconic Coca-Cola, to freshly squeezed orange juice, to a warming cup of tea, we can measure the colour of them all.

Consumers are always looking at the consistency, reliability and quality of their purchases; this is especially true for Beverages including Cold drinks, Juice or Tea. As the old saying goes, “You eat with your eyes” and so it is important to control and manage the colour of the beverages we drink. The colour of a beverage affects its appeal and perception of taste,

The colour of a beverage can change for a number of reasons, the type of beverage, type of colourants used or the raw materials used can all contribute to changes in colour. It is important to control colour throughout all stages of production.

As with all food and beverage products, colour can be measured and controlled at a number of stages through production. Measure the colour of incoming raw materials to ensure consistency of supply. Measure the colour of beverage colourants and how these colourants react to pH and temperature. Ensure that there are no changes to colour during production to eliminate customer complaints and rejects. With colour measurement you can accurately measure the colour of Opaque, Translucent and Transparent beverages.

Colour measurement can assist the Juice and Beverage industry in the following ways:

  • Measure the colour of raw materials like fruits and pulps
  • Measure beverage colourants to ensure consistency before production
  • Identify adulteration or contamination of colourants
  • Sort products in batches according to colour
  • Control production to ensure quality and consistency
  • Eliminate debates about colour between customers and suppliers