Control the Colour of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


South Africa’s farming forms a large part of our country’s GDP. As we are so dependant on this industry it is important to ensure that we are producing Fruit and Vegetables that meet local and global standards.

It is important to measure the colour of fresh Fruit and Vegetables as colour gives consumers an immediate indication of how ripe that produce is, this in turn indicates taste. Consumers will select the produce that looks the freshest on the shelves and have become accustomed to certain goods being a certain colour. A consumer will almost always select a red tomato over a slightly yellow one, as the red colour indicates that the tomato is perfectly ripe and delicious.

Farmers and producers experience challenges in grading the goods for different markets. In the past famers have relied on subjective colour measurement using inaccurate colour charts and visual assessment. These charts are used to indicate when a Fruit or Vegetable is ripe enough to harvest and is then used to sort and grade their produce into quality batches.

By using a colour measurement instrument we are able to solve all these challenges producers face. A colour measurement device allows producers to accurately measure the colour of Fruit and Vegetables to indicate ripeness and colour grade. By measuring produce against a master target, producers can reliably sort their Fruit and Vegetables and ensure that they are harvesting at the right time.

Our products provide objective colour measurement that eliminates colour debates between customers and suppliers. This saves time and effort in settling these disputes.

We have listed a number of challenges that can be solved with colour measurement below:

  • Measure and consistently control the colour of fruit and vegetables
  • Ripeness of Fruit and Vegetables based on colour
  • Sorting Fruit and Vegetables into grades
  • Replace subjective colour assessment charts
  • Minimize customer rejections due to inconsistent colour

Our instruments cover a wide number of applications and although we try it is impossible to know them all. If you would like to assist us in explaining your application or potentially altering one that we have currently, please Contact us.