Crop and Plant Colour Measurement


South Africa is largely dependent on our farms and agricultural industry. Farmers grow the fresh produce that is used to create almost every food item on the shelf. Whether a product is Fresh, Frozen or Processed it all begins on a farm. Farmers are always looking for better ways to farm in the aim to increase yield, reduce costs and produce consistently.

It is important to measure the colour of Crops and Plants to indicate the amount of Chlorophyll in the plant. The Chlorophyll content indicates the amount of Nitrogen that is present from fertilizers. This allows farmers to determine the optimal amount of fertilizer needed to maximize yield and minimize costs.

Farmers experience problems when determining how much Fertilizer should be applied to their fields. Too much fertilizer damages the surrounding environment and increases unnecessary costs. Too little fertilizer affects the crop yield and growth which reduces revenue.

Indicating when a crop is ripe and ready for harvest is also a challenge faced by many farmers. By measuring the colour of the produce one can objectively determine ripeness.

We can solve a number of challenges faced by farmers, but have categorized these into a few main categories:

  • Chlorophyll Content indication
  • Soil colour measuring
  • Fruit and Vegetable ripeness indication
  • Spectroscopy and NIR-UV detection