Solutions for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries


The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries serve various purposes to consumers. The cosmetics industry is concerned with beautification and lifestyle products that are designed to enhance a customers appearance. The pharmaceutical industry on the other hand is concerned with the health of their customers.

Colour measurement is crucial in the cosmetics industry as companies have to produce products that meet specific colour standards. If a consumer purchases “Millennial Pink” lipstick for example, it is important that when it is applied it looks the same as the packaging and what the customer was expecting.

Colour measurement is crucial in the pharmaceuticals industry as it is important to distinguish between different types of medications and tablets. Certain tablets are required to be a specific shade of white, while others need to be brightly coloured to indicate warnings about consuming them. Pharmaceutical companies want to ensure their brands reputation by producing pills that look the same each time. Nobody wants to start purchasing Panados that have started showing spots of colour or have begun to fade into a yellow tablet.

Although these industries serve very different purposes, colour measurement plays a similar role in both industries.

We serve an almost endless number of applications in the Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals industries. Below we have highlighted some examples of how colour is used in these industries to meet standards and ensure consistency.

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