Maize – Colour Grading for Maize

Maize Milling is typically milled with a number of properties in mind, one of them being colour.

Historically a Spectral Categorisation was used which had two major impediments:

  1. Spectral Data can reflect the Colour Hue for instance a Yellow or Orange shade, but not describe the true colour properties in full detail.
  2. Inter Instrument agreement was poor requiring a central moderating facility to evaluate a physical sample versus the grading it was given. This grading could then be modified to suit other colour grades, according to a central standard.

Narich (Pty) Ltd, working together with the Milling Industry, The South African Grain Laboratory and Instrument Supplier Konica Minolta have come up with a now tried and tested reliable application. The main components are:

  1. A Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-5. :- This Instrument offers a quick and easy to operate measurement with a very high degree of repeatability and inter-instrument agreement. Typically this top end instrument is used in the main or R&D laboratory to set standards and monitor the group measurements.
  2. SpectraMagic NX Pro :- An affordable Microsoft Windows compatible ISO standard software to set standards, manage all sample data, and ensure accurate template settings for each task. A key feature is the ability to delete a bad measurement, but not EDIT any measurements.
  3. Suitable easy to use accessories for quick and easy colour grading. Values are returned in internationally standardised CIE units.
  4. Production sites can replicate the colour grading readings with an in-mill less expensive version of the CM-5, namely the Konica Minolta Colorimeter CR-5. Offering the same levels of accuracy and reliability, this device also includes on board Firmware negating the need for a PC in the mill. Additionally, a local Plain Paper Printer can be attached to print Job Tickets on the fly.

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