Solutions for the Chemical and Synthetics Industries


The chemicals and synthetics industry is a complex industry that provides different chemicals to other industries. The chemical industry is broken up to three main sectors, basic chemicals, specialty chemicals and consumer chemicals.

The basic chemicals are derived from oil producing activities which allow people to produce other molecules and compounds. These can be petrochemicals or other polymers and serve a number of applications. Our customers in the petrol industry use NIR to detect the amount of specific substances in the fuel and oil they produce.

Specialty chemicals are designed for a certain purpose and require extensive Research and Development. These can be chemicals like fertilizers, inks, dyes or colourants. Colour management can be used here to decide how much fertilizer should be applied, what colour an ink or colourant is before it is used.

Consumer chemicals like detergents, washing powders and cleaning products all require objective colour management during the production process. Colour measurement is used by washing detergent manufacturers to see exactly how much cleaner their product makes our clothes. It is important to measure the colour of cleaning products so that consumers associate a product with a certain brand.

As with all industries we serve, colour management is important for brand protection and reputation, product consistency and quality control.

We serve an almost endless number of applications in the Chemicals and Synthetics industry, below we have highlighted some examples of how colour is used to monitor quality, prevent production rejections and ensure that products meet the expectations of consumers.

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Consumer Chemicals