Solutions for the Building and Construction Industry


The building and construction industry is comprised of raw material producers, architects, developers, builders and interior designers that each play an important role in the construction industry. Players in the construction industry are always looking for ways to improve their processes while still meeting industry standards and regulations.

Colour management is important in the construction industry for a number of reasons. Colour portrays quality and style and should reflect a persons personality or a companies ethos. A trend for sustainable green buildings has caused a movement in controlling lighting and energy output. As well as using tinted glass to reduce energy costs associated with heating.

Colour and lighting measurement is used in the production of building materials like cement, concrete and bricks. It can be used in interior design to control the amount of lighting needed as well as selecting the right paint. The colour of decorative paint is also a vital area of the building industry that requires objective colour measurement.

We serve an almost endless number of applications in the Building and Construction industry, below we have highlighted some examples of how colour is used in this industry to meet standards and ensure consistency.

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Environmental Lighting
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