Quantifying Appearance Quality


The quality, style and appearance of vehicles in the automotive industry has always been of high importance to automotive manufacturers and car designers. When a driver sees a sleek, shiny red Porsche on the road, one gets an immediate sense of quality. Something at a subconscious level simply tells us that that Porsche is a quality, beautiful looking car. Luxury brands like sports cars or even consumer electronics like Apple IPhones give consumers an almost immediate perception that the product is high quality and deserving of it’s inflated price tag.

For many years this perception of quality has been just that, a perception. No-one was able to tell why people favour the look of certain cars over others as quality is simply sensed or felt. This has recently changed with the introduction of the Rhopoint TAMS™. Rhopoint TAMS™ or Total Appearance Measurement System is a new way of quantifying appearance quality inspired by a four-year collaboration between Rhopoint, Volkswagen AG and AUDI AG.

This innovative new technology models the human perception of surface appearance quality, providing new parameters that revolutionize the understanding and communication of visual appearance information. Many years of research and development have gone into making this device and it is the first of it’s kind that quantifies what humans find appealing or attractive.

This device is aimed at Automotive applications as it has been designed in conjunction with some of the world’s most famous car manufacturers but the applications are vast. In addition to the Automotive industry, the Rhopoint TAMS™ can be used in electronics manufacturing, plastics, packaging and construction.

The Rhopoint TAMS™ defines quality and harmony of a surface. It does this by measuring a surfaces contrast, sharpness, waviness and dimension by using Rhopoint TAMS™ VISION to emulate human perception.

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