Solutions for Automotive and Transport applications


The automotive and transport industry is made of an extensive range of companies involved in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of vehicles to consumers. It is a complex industry that is made up of parts suppliers, vehicle assemblers and manufacturers. The ever decreasing vertical integration levels in the automotive industry is a real challenge for objective colour management of products from hundreds of suppliers throughout the value chain.

Colour indicates quality. Consumers often make a judgement about a vehicle before they start the engine. The exterior finish and appearance and the sense of quality you get from the interior, often determines whether or not a consumer will purchase a vehicle. It it therefore important to manage and control the colour of each part of a vehicle from the black buttons on the dashboard to the black leather seats to the shimmering exterior paint finish.

Colour Measurement in the Automotive and Transport Industry

Colour measurement helps industry suppliers and manufacturers deliver the high-quality of vehicles that consumers expect. Colour measurement can be used to measure a wide range of materials such as plastic, paint, textiles, leather, glass and metals. As light is the basis for colour, our instruments can be used to measure not only reflected light but also emitted light. This helps automotive manufacturers measure the effectiveness of headlights, illuminated icons and interior displays. So from the vehicles shiny exterior to the futuristic heads-up display, you can measure and control it all.

We serve an almost endless number of applications in the Automotive and Transport industry. Below we have highlighted some examples of how colour is used to monitor quality, prevent production rejections and ensure that vehicles are produced that meet the expectation of the modern-day consumer.

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