Food Production Line

Food Processing Authentication

Authentication in the food processing industry has become a necessity.

A century ago, most food was sourced locally, and the world’s resources supported a mere ~25% of the current population. Since then, advanced processing of food and globalization of trade has reduced prices, increased selection, and made many seasonal items available year-round. With this convenience has come an increase in food fraud – substitution or dilution with lower quality ingredients to reduce cost, and/or adulteration or treatment with banned ingredients. (Posted by Ocean Optics)

Its not necessarily about crime, as food crime cases are hard to prosecute, but more about food integrity and the safety of consumers.

The food supply chain from farm to table has become very complex, and with different ethical standards around the world, globalisation requires food manufacturers to take a closer look not only at the food content of their products, but also sustainability as well as authentication of packaging.

conference 2017

The South African Society for Food Science and Technology is hosting the 22nd Biennial International Congress & Exhibition in Cape Town on the 3 – 6th of September.

Many of our customers are expected to attend, and look out for Narich (Pty) Ltd MD Richard Majewski present a paper on a Brief Summary of Commercial Authentication on Tuesday the 5th of September in Venue Room 8+9 at 11:25 at the Century City Exhibition Centre. Romero Kicken representing Ocean Optics, will also be on hand for detailed discussions.

We look forward to seeing you there, or contact us for further advice in this regard.