What’s new at Narich – The Nix Pro Colour Sensor

We are excited to announce that we have recently become the distributors of Nix Colour Sensors range.

Creative innovation is something we strongly believe in. We are always looking for the next innovation in colour and light measurement to add to our range. With that in mind, we have recently introduced the Nix Pro Colour Sensor to our product range.

This amazing new product will take away any colour guessing games and help you match, sort and save colours in a wide range of colour spaces. Measure the colour of any object and use the Nix Colour App to search and find the closest colour from your local paint supplier. This principle can be used for graphics, printing, interior design and advertising.

The Nix Pro Colour Sensor compliments our already extensive range of colour and light measurement devices by offering a reliable and affordable device that fits in your pocket. It fills in the gap in our product range for a device that is completely portable, modern and connects to your smartphone. We have fallen in love with this product and we think you will too. It offers a wide range of capabilities and features and is disrupting the local portable colour measurement market.

Read more about what customers think about this product and how it is changing the colour matching market on the Nix Pro website. 

This video explains what Nix does and how it works, from there the applications are endless and only limited by your imagination.



Are you interested to see more? Contact Us and we will show you first hand how this device is going to change the way you measure and control colour.


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