How black is black

How Black can your Friday be?

Black as in ‘Black Friday’ is just a name for a colour, or more correctly, lack of colour.

The perception of colour is based upon which part of the sunlight’s visible spectrum is reflected or absorbed. White is a 100% reflection of the sun, and black is 100% absorbed light. Wikipedia gives a fairly simple example of the details behind this natural phenomenon. (We can give you the longer Nerd version)










On the left we have a near 100% or L value near to zero (2%)
On the right we have a range of “Blacks” some of which look grey in comparison.
L values range from 7 to 22 which may look black on its own, but looks grey next to a black.

The Automotive Industry realises that a car interior has many black components, and while visibly un-noticed, the driver and to a lesser extent the passengers “Sense” that the interior is not “Harmonious” resulting in a perception of lower quality. Today, even entry level vehicles with “Harmonious” interiors will be better perceived than more expensive vehicles.

For real “Black” materials, have a look at Acktar, a world leader in black coatings.

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