Colibri Platform

Colibri Platform – Colour Matching and Management from Konica Minolta

The Colibri Platform for Colour Matching and Management is not new to South Africa.

We have had customers since 2009 who today rely on this software to maintain their market edge.


From the largest Coating Companies in Southern Africa, to small niche suppliers, the Modular Colibri Solution is a cutting edge for Coatings, Plastics Inks, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Automotive manufacture and much more.


As a modular template software it is affordable, scalable and adaptable to any situation. Added “Global” features allow you to share colour with suppliers and clients in a seamless colour control manner.


Colibri Implementations are supported in this region for software, hardware and customisations via our local and European support structures offering a seamless implementation and roll-out.


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