Black Friday Bluster

South Africa’s Black Friday arrived earlier than expected with a further Moody’s downgrade of our debt credit rating to a sliver above Junk Status.

South Africans shrugged this off as at the same time we did not have to deal with the “All Blacks” but soundly sent the fellows in white packing.

We too are not moved. We will not try an sell you a three week holiday to a destination where an upgrade is considered to stay only a week.

We are even less likely to offer you a PC deal with a 500 GB Hard Drive when windows 10 needs a Terabyte just to play solitaire.

We CAN give you some good advice, and the enabling technology, to discern what a real black should look like.

Harmony in Automotive Interiors

Recent research reveals that customers, especially those purchasing luxury vehicles, are subject to subliminal signals from the senses, to a phenomenon described as “Harmony“. Even if the whole interior is black, the senses notice that different parts from leather seating to plastic switches to Urethane dashboard protection may be a different black. This confuses the senses as “Liked” and “Unliked” perceptions clash in the mind, distracting the consumer from a “Satisfied” experience. Naturally noise (Quietness) and Touch (Soft but definite dials and switches) are also given sensory attention, ending with a pleasant and calming overall feeling of satisfaction.

Further research from manufacturers like Porsche® indicate that their more humble product drivers also respond to the same sensory signals, and are now adding “Harmony” to entry level vehicles.

So come to us for a harmonious solution to delivering a better black deal, any day of the week!

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