How we add value to the Automotive Industry?

How our years of experience, diverse range of solutions and superior service and support make Narich™ the perfect partners to the Automotive Manufacturing Industry and Supply Chain.

As you might have noticed, the focus of our business is providing Colour, Appearance and Light solutions. We consider Colour to be an important aspect in life. To most industries Colour is one property that may determine how consumers perceive their brand or product, but to the Automotive Industry, Colour is so much more.

The Appearance of a new vehicle is paramount to marketing and selling the car, that automotive makers spend months designing vehicles to ensure that the attractiveness and appeal of their cars exceeds that of their competitors’ and meets the expectations of their customers. Once designed, the vehicle needs to be manufactured to the high standards that these brands strive for. Suppliers of different components also need to meet with these standards.








For this, many automotive makers use advanced optical measurement technology to assess and check the Colour and Appearance of the vehicle. This does not simply include the paint job. The finer details matter to the automotive Industry. The Colour of the smallest of buttons needs to match dashboards. The lighting of the ‘info-tainment’ display need to be clear and crisp. The overall appearance of a vehicle should portray a sense of quality and luxury.

Narich™ provides a full basket of solutions to automotive manufacturers. Our solutions extend across the entire vehicle.

Broadly speaking, we group our solutions into the following categories:
1. Exterior Colour and Appearance
2. Interior Colour and Appearance
3. Overall Perception and Appearance of a Vehicle
4. Lighting and Display Testing

The focus of this blog is not to tell you about these areas, or the highly suited products that are developed for them but rather to give you a few reasons as to why Narich™ is the perfect partner for South African Automotive Manufacturers and their many suppliers.

Narich™ has been in the industry for 24 years. Over this period we have created solutions, solved problems and found innovative ways of making our customers lives easier. Although our instruments and software play a role in this, we also like to think it comes down to the years of experience we have in the business. Our Founder and Managing Director has almost 50 years of experience in the colour business and knows almost all there is to know, no matter the application. It’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about when we talk about colour.

Our Support and Service Centres are something we pride ourselves on. Our Cape Town and Johannesburg Service Centres are authorised by Konica Minolta to carry out the highest level of service. This commitment and dedication to high levels of service leads to our instruments performing perfectly for OVER 10 years. Even in the occasionally rough conditions they are used in, our instruments perform as well on first day as they do more than decade later.

We have numerous customers scattered throughout the Automotive Industry Supply Chain. With industry leading technology from Konica Minolta, Radiant Vision Systems, Instrument Systems we expect this list to grow even further as companies search for the best measurement instruments and local service available on the South African market. We have both, if you haven’t figured that out already.

With our diverse product range, highly qualified technical Service and Support and a reputation in the market we like to consider ourselves the perfect partners for Colour, Appearance and Light Measurement requirements.

Now that you’ve heard all about us, why not tell us more about you and how your role in the Automotive Industry improves Quality Control: