How to sort colour

Colour Sorting Made EASY with Nix

Colour sorting with confidence has just been made easy with Nix Pro Colour Sensors.

Have you ever walked into a paint hardware shop with the supposedly simple mission of getting a pot of paint that will match your new Kitchen Cupboard, Stove or Bathroom sink and tiles?

You will be ushered to a wall of cardboard colour cards and left to peruse the literally thousands of options. In the automotive industry, its tens of thousands of options. Even spice manufacturers and bread bakers have to search and sort by colour.

Meet the Nix Pro Colour Sensor!

New to South Africa, and almost at the same time as their Global Launch, Narich (Pty) Ltd is happy to announce that Nix Canada has appointed us their regional Distributors.

Using your Apple or Android smart phone and the Free App (You can pay for a customised version), you simply measure in the colours you want, and go out and get them. No more fan decks and faffing with cards out of stock in just the colour you want. Get straight to the point! SCAN YOUR COLOUR and SEARCH THE DATABASE. No more paint colour guessing games.

The App has an amazing COMPARE feature meaning that once you’ve found the colour that matches yours, you can compare the two to find out how they differ and by how much. The colour matching and searching industry is going digital so get rid of your fan decks and colour cards and meet the Nix Pro.

Affordable, Versatile, Easy-to-use and Supported.


Buy one now for less than you think. They will revolutionize the way you scan and search for colours!

Unsure about what you can do with your Nix Pro? Watch this video!