A Colour Measurement Tool That Will Rescue You.

How much do you enjoy a visit to the auto repair shop?

Which is worse, the dentist, the bank manager or a visit to our friendly auto repair shop otherwise known as the Panel beater?

The chances of actually finding a bank manager are low, and at least with a dentist you can take a jab to lessen the pain. It’s the Panel Beater then.

Why is that?

If the damage is extensive, but at least you are insured by a reputable auto insurer, you are in for a fairly long wait and haggling as to who was wrong or right, but it’s those little scrapes that seem to be most irritating.

Traffic is not getting easier as apart from our beloved Taxis, we now also have food delivery guys flitting and wobbling by like drunken moths on a death mission, Ubers thinking that flashing lights are ok even if stopping on a freeway, and the impatient Brat Mobile who just has to be in front at every set of lights. It’s going to lead to tears, and if these hazards fail, there is still your overstuffed garage with bicycles to negotiate, garden implements to dodge and someone opening the inter-leading door forgetting it’s the weekend and the car is IN for a change.

Even small dents and scratches really irritate, so at some time you reluctantly book your car in.

You know the repair will never match, hence the proliferation of white cars, even while the manufacturers create drearier colours year after year, fit only for a funeral cortege.

None of this makes it easy for the poor panel beater either. Always under time pressure, parts and paints not in stock, and the customer needing the car yesterday. Even worse, whether a large or small repair, the customer is never satisfied, and often “Reports” the panel shop to their insurers for sub-standard work.

The problem is, there aren’t any real standards.

In a perfect world the correct parts and original paints are quick to hand, and everyone is happy. In reality, this is not going to happen. The situation is further exacerbated by metal, plastic, tin and aluminium all coated with colour, effects and clear coats are hard to match. Even if the car is new, some parts may be imported while others locally supplied look different.

Panel beaters and insurers would love to have a tool to arbitrate, but find the colour measurement devices used by auto manufacturers are prohibitively expensive for a small workshop, not to mention a lack of skills to use them.

A new colour measurement tool may come to the rescue of customers, technicians, insurers and those who arbitrate the “Professionalism” of the job carried out.

When you look at the car, the eye senses a number of separate data components which together are seen as the overall “Appearance”.

The appearance at any given time can change, if the observation conditions change. Different lighting, angle of observation and more factors seem to be a moving target.

What the appearance consists of is:

  • Colour
  • Gloss
  • Effect (Metallic or highly reflective particles)
  • Harmony based on the substrate quality

Manufacturers have devices to manage each aspect of the overall appearance, and can isolate which component is “Out” of specification.

If however you can isolate just the colour as being close or a poor match, it goes a long way for the smaller business to navigate closer the other parameters by means of subtracting the colour from the equation.

Have a look at the new Nix Pro, which coupled to an android app on your phone, allows you to compare colour in seconds.

Exclusively supplied by Narich (Pty) Ltd in the SADC market, get to try one now and end the customer – repairer argument.