Automotive Solutions

8 Core Instruments for the Automotive Industry

Konica Minolta has developed a new range of products for the Automotive Industry to ensure that objective colour management of products from hundreds of suppliers through the value chain is achieved.

From exterior metals and paints to interior plastics and leathers, we know that there is a wide range of materials that require measuring. To facilitate this, we offer hand-held spectrophotometers; bench-top spectrophotometers; gloss meters; photometers; luminance meters and the required software to go with each.

Below is a list of the Top 8 Instruments for the Automotive Industry.

1. Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer CM-M6

Ideal for automotive exteriors.

This portable multi-angle spectrophotometer has 6 angles and a double-path system designed for colour measurement of metallic and effect paints and plastics. Curved surfaces like bumpers, mirror bodies or door handles are measured accurately and fast with this device.

The CM-M6 measures the colour of a sample by illuminating the sample from two directions. By merging measurements from both directions, the instrument is very stable to inclination and tilting, making it ideal for QC measurements at the production floor for curved objects with metallic effect coatings as used in automotive exterior. See video here.

2. Portable Colour- and Gloss-Meter CM-25cG

Ideal for automotive interiors.

The CM-25cG is a portable spectrophotometer with 45°c: 0° geometry and true 60°-gloss-sensor. With no compromises in performance, the CM-25cG has been designed to match or exceed standards for colour and gloss measurement in a number of industries, including automotive interior materials and high visibility textiles (EN471) or coatings.

The benefits of the optical system used in the CM-25cG results in significantly improved repeatability as well as inter-instrument agreement (IIA). This instrument is ideal for frosted, textured and structured material surfaces such as plastic parts used in automotive interior trims. See video here.

3. Portable Spectrophotometer CM-700d

Ideal for automotive interiors in the production line.

This device is ideal for colour measurement of solid samples. Its vertical alignment means that it has a small footprint, perfect for interiors with small or curved surfaces. The new CM-700d communicates wirelessly, finally resolving the problem of tangled cables experienced with more conventional instruments. Bluetooth® data communications with newer models can work at distances up to 100m and in stationary mode, the instrument offers communication via a USB Port. See video here.

4. Rhopoint TAMS™

Ideal for the measuring the final product.

Developed together in cooperation with VW AG and Audi AG, this innovative new technology models the human perception of surface appearance quality, providing new parameters that revolutionize the understanding and communication of visual appearance information. Below we list some of its features:

– Dual focus camera operation captures all surface appearance data.

– Fast operation with powerful on board image processing.

– Easy to use with on screen menu navigation prompts.

– Ergonomic operation- measure entire vehicle more easily.

5. Rhopoint IQ-S – Close-Tolerance Glossmeter

Ideal for haze, gloss and surface appearance.

The automotive industry require a very close tolerance and improved specification version of glossmeters. Standard glossmeters only measure how much light is reflected whereas the Rhopoint IQ-S measures gloss; image quality and also profiles how light is reflected from a surface. See video here.


6. LumiCam1300 photometer/colorimeter

Ideal for colour distributions of interiors.

The LumiCam 1300 photometer/colorimeter and LumiCam Software are used for the measurement of all display types in the vehicle interior. These include complete dashboards and the modern flat panel displays of navigation devices down to the smallest symbol displays. A further field of application are demanding measurement tasks in the field of exterior lighting in research and development or quality assurance. See video here.


7. ProMetric I-Series: 2D Luminance and Colour Imaging


Accurate colour and luminance measurements in automated manufacturing.

With a pixel resolution ranging between 2 – 29 Megapixels, the I-series is able to analyse pixel defects on a >4K display, or test the colour & brightness of many illuminating symbols of an automotive instrument cluster at once. The I-Series has 2x high-speed filter wheels, one with CIE matched XYZ colour filters and one with Neutral Density filters (ND0,ND1,ND2) for light attenuation.

This device is ideal for highly accurate colour and luminance measurements in an automated manufacturing environment. In short, the I-Series meets the test requirements for current and next generation products.

8. Software

In conjunction with the 7 devices mentioned, we offer a selection of software to help you get the most out of your instrument.

8.1 Colibri : Colibri is a colour management and matching solution like no other. A full modular software platform for colour control, scalable from one site to a global supply chain whilst maintaining strict control and data ownership. The solution allows streaming of the entire supply process from specification to colour matching to QC. See video here.

8.2 SpectraMagic™NX: This is a colour measurement software package that can be used to interface with Konica Minolta instruments and provide extended reporting and analysis of colour and colour difference. SpectraMagic NX can also be used with Konica Minolta’s newer instruments like the CM-25cG, provided that the latest version is downloaded. The user has full control of customization of templates and reports. See video here.

8.3 SpectraMagic™DX: This is a colour management software package that can be used to interface with Konica Minolta’s newest measurement instruments CM-25cG and CM-M6 and provides easy usage for the analysis of colour and colour difference with a convenient diagnosis function.