Nix Colour Pro – Swatch/Library Sorting

Use your Nix Pro to scan and create custom colour libraries, for easy colour saving of real-world objects.

The Nix Pro Colour Sensor is a small but effective colour measurement tool that allows you to SAVE, SCAN, COMPARE, CREATE YOUR OWN COLOUR LIBRARY AND FIND CLOSEST MATCHES.
The device operates through a free to download App on all Android and iOS smartphones. It is pocket-sized which allows you to take colour measurements on the go, wherever and whenever you need to.

Taking measurements on the Nix Pro is simple and convenient. Fully controlled by the App, you can change your measurement conditions and desired colour space quickly and easily. Averaging is also a brilliant feature of the device, which accounts for larger surfaces and unevenly textured samples. To take a measurement you simply place the Nix Pro on the object and click SCAN on the App.

Once the SCAN is complete, you can SAVE your measurement for future COMPARISON. Colours are easily saved with a customised name and description into your library of colours. The Nix Pro App comes with pre-loaded libraries which you can immediately start using for SEARCHING and COMPARING, or you can create your own library based on the project, object or colour you are working with.

We have found the Nix Pro to be the perfect tool for interior designers, architects, painters and home decorators and highlight the following benefits of the device:

  • Easily SCAN and SAVE real-world colours. This allows you to capture the colour of that perfect curtain to later match the wall paint with.
  • SAVE colour under unique folders. This allows you to create folders based on projects or customers. Your colour palette is always there to refer to.
  • SEARCH and COMPARE colours. This is perfect when selecting paint or complementary colours for other decorative items.

We have created an easy step-by-step guide on creating and saving colour libraries using a Nix Pro. Watch the video below: