Simple Sensing that makes Cents

From modular systems to portable and bench-top hardware as well as software for colour and light control, we have the right solution for you.

Our focus is providing complete colour and light sensing solutions through our motto of Creative Innovation. We aim to provide the best solutions, service and support for all our customers.

“We won’t sell a solution if we cannot take full responsibility for the sale, implementation, service, support, consulting and training.”

We have a comprehensive list of corporate and specialist customers who we have helped to optimise their processes, improve their quality and enhance their reputation through our colour and light sensing solutions.

The Science Behind Our Solutions

“When LIGHT strikes an OBJECT, the LIGHT changes.
If this change is MEASURABLE, REPRODUCIBLE and DIAGNOSTIC of a property of the object, it can be used for measurements and testing.”

This statement serves as the basis of all our solutions from colour sensing and light measurement to spectroscopy. Our solutions serve to measure, reproduce and diagnose the properties of an object, whether visible or invisible, through non-invasive, non-destructive methods of testing.

These methods are widely used in Food and Beverage production and offer customers crucial insights into production and quality metrics. More information can be found on how sensing is used in the Food industry on the link below.

Our Corporate Customers


The Narich Team

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Our Principals

We represent a number of world-leaders in the colour and light sensing space.