New Service Plans

Every New Year marks the setting of personal resolutions and plans. Why not adopt this idea into your business plan by ensuring your Konica Minolta Colour Measurement device stays in top notch condition with our new and improved service and maintenance plans.

We have worked closely with our customers for the past 23  years and have acquired quite a bit of knowledge on some obstacles our customers may face. To mitigate these, we have revised our service plans and pricing to give YOU the best possible deal.

Various Packages on Offer


As a Standard Member, you will receive standard Certification pricing and will be billed separately for any parts that need to be replaced.


As a Premium Member, you will receive a discounted price. Faulty parts such as lamps may be replaced at no extra cost. Terms and Conditions apply.

Premium Plus

As a Premium Plus Member, you will receive discounted pricing which includes a loan unit while your device is being serviced at one of our Service Centres. Faulty lamps may be replaced at no extra cost. Terms and Conditions apply.

Premium Onsite

As a Premium Onsite Member, you will receive the benefit of a discounted price as well as a shorter turnaround time since we will send a Technician to you. Terms and Conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

  • In the case where an instrument has not regularly been certificated, the device will have undergo inspection.
  • In exceptional circumstances where a loan instrument may not be available, your instrument service is given the highest priority.
  • This offer will run until the end of March 2018, during which time a Purchase Order and payment upfront is required.

For more details on this special offer, please do not hesitate to contact us: 086 094 9903

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