CM-25cG and CM-M6 : Introducing two new handheld instruments that meet the needs of the automotive industry for measuring interiors and exteriors.

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Konica Minolta Sensing Product Range

Colour and Appearance

So you already know all about colour. You make Bra Straps and have zillions of colour options. You have colour fans all over the shop. You “Refinish” cars and it takes longer to find the colour reference than to actually do the job? You want to “Steal” a colour. (Well you cant actually own a colour, because colour is a perception not a thing). We can help.

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Light and Display

Konica Minolta Sensing precise light & display measurement products offer a plethora of styles and sizes for measuring light accurately. Konica Minolta light meters can be used in labs to measure chemically reactive substances and the illumination of LEDs and CRTs for quality control, government testing, photography and cinematography.
Every aspect of imagery is important and light measurement must to be taken into account. To be sure your light measurement needs are being met, Konica Minolta light measurement equipment is held to the strictest accuracy and quality. Konica Minolta has the right light measuring equipment to fit your individual budget and needs, whether you need to measure illuminance or luminance.

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Graphic Arts

The demand for objective colour control for printed products rises constantly. Be it traditional printing processes or digital printing processes for advertising or packaging, the new Konica Minolta FD series of spectrodensitometers offer reliable and accurate measurements. The unique patented Virtual Fluorescence Standard assures accurate measurements also for substrates with optical brighteners for any lighting condition. Of course all measurement modes of ISO 13655 are fully supported. This includes the UV calibration as well as the necessary geometry.

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Konica Minolta offers a wide range of Software Solutions to meet your applications needs.

SpectraMagic NX:

Whether your colour control involves incoming raw materials, in process production or outbound colour critical goods and materials, SpectraMagic™NX makes it easy to inspect and control colour.

Utilize pre-defined screen templates for Pass/Fail assessment, statistical process control, or R&D analysis. SpectraMagic™NX helps you choose just what’s right for you.

SpectraMagic NX can be connected to all Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer and Chroma-Meter models and is suitable for all up to date Windows OS systems.


Colibri ® colour management systems helps brand owners, brand management companies, designers, manufacturers and suppliers to specify, manage, produce and communicate colour. The software platform uses a single central database and enables you to add modules and Add-ons, based on the needs of the business. With Colibri the supply chain can have fast (and entirely controlled) access to shared data and benefit from improved colour communication.

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