ALFA Colourpaint Dispenser Product Range

Colour Lab

The accurate, versatile and cost-effective solution for every laboratory.

Main Features:

•Minimum dispensed quantity 1/3840 fl oz (0.0077cc)
•High precision and repeatability
•Dispense colorants, bases and semi-finished products
•Works with cans starting from 100 cc, up to 1 l
•Interchangeable modules
•Optimize colour formulation
•Eliminates human error

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Colour Tester

Paint samples self-service dispenser for the DIY market: choosing colour has never been so simple!

Main Features:
•Paint samples automatic dispenser
•Reproduce any colour, including off-white in 100cc cans
•Samples ready in less than 1 minute
•280 samples in full autonomy
•Manage and maintain from remote with 4.0 technologies
•0.85 square meters of advertising opportunities
•Brand and sales promoter

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Mini Mixer

High speed cycloid mixer ideal to mix colour samples at the point of sale, as well as in laboratories.

•Mix up to three samples simultaneously
•Product mixed in 30 seconds
•Works with 100cc cans
•Plexi-glass lid
•Perfect for POS and laboratories
•Ergonomic design

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Desk Tint

Automatic dispenser with operator for large distribution and traditional points of sale with medium/high productivity.

•Does not required calibrations, only initial set-up
•3 years warranty on pump components
•Embedded Linux PC and Ethernet connection
•Automatic software and firmware upgrade
•Easy interface with third party software
•Manage and maintain from remote with 4.0 technologies
•Modular solution to reduce Total Cost of Ownership

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